Friday, 28 December 2012

Creepy crochet

Look into my eyes!

Well, I know it's the season of good will and Ho Ho Ho's ...

I started to make these in October but my schdule has been so busy with work and person things that I never got to finish then until now. I only needed to add their eyes and it's taken me over three months to get round to doing it...oh that's an on going story for me, start something, forget about it, move on to another thing, remember it a few months later!!!

I'm loving having the time off from work to do my own projects, finish things off,  quaily time making, sewing and relaxing...


Crocheting in the round...

Just over a year ago I set myself the task to teach myself to crochet. This lead me to spending many hours looking at other peoples makes and designs on the Internet Baffled, confused and somewhat jealous I wanted to know immediately how to do things, create wonderful colourful designs and items.   Well, I'm please to share that I can now read patterns, follow direction and adapt pieces. 
Recently I came across this blog while looking for a simple round pattern to follow for my first attempt of crocheting in a circle., although it's not in english there is a translate button that I opted to use. Some of the translation is lost but it was still pretty easy to follow. It a good site for inspiration ...I could have kept working in the round and belive it would have been a huge blanket in no time!


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Crochet snowflake

“Let it snow…”

crochet headband

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

another crochet pink blanket

Finally finished!

I started this small blanket in the summer with the intention to give it to my niece for her birthday back in September. Well, with one thing or another I failed to get it finished and then forgot about it for awhile. Coming across it last week while clearing out a cupboard I finally finished off the trim and will deliver it for christmas. Better late than near!