Friday, 8 June 2012

roll over pink blanket!

Phew...I finally finished the small pink balnket I started a while back. I embleshed it with a few small flowers, hearts and a kitty face. This blanket is going to be a bithday gift for one of my neices who turns two this year, well that my excuse why it's quite small in size! Now I've got to start another one for her older sister who's birthday is a month later - I better start it asap as I couldn't make up my mind with colours and stiches etc for this one as I'm still learning and want to know everything now without praticing it first! LOL!

tree makeover

The other day I had to go on a training session for work. This took me on a different journey through Hackney and I had to pass through London Fields park. Low and behold I came across this wonderful tree that had been graffiti  knitted! It was tucked in on the far corner of the park and I would have normally missed it...