about me

Welcome to my new project!
I am a crafty, DIY, hands on kinda girl who lives in North London, England.  
I have a degree in constructive textiles, weaving and love anything to do with fabric, buttons, pattern, textures, plastic, ribbions, print...
From a very young age I enjoyed sewing, embroidery and making things.  I would spend hours colouring pictures and drawing.
Currently my full-time job is as a senior playworker in a fantastic playground in East London. I get to create imaginative worlds, costumes and dress up, build dens and camps and create fun spaces for children to freely play in daily.
Prior to moving into this work with children I was a freelance prop-maker and community visual artist for a number of years.
Hopefully by doing this blog it will help me to start to be creative again and record what I get up to along the way.

What's it all about?
Mostly this blog is going to be about things I've made, done or created with a twist of fun and humour along the way. Thrown in will be some daily news and things that catch my eye. Let's see what happens along the way!

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