Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year and new inspiration

I finally finished the crochet blanket for my sister 'Meesh'. It was presented to her on Christmas day and I've got to say I was a bit sad to hand it over. Not only the amount of time it took me to do in short notice but it has inspired me to keep making them. The simple granny square is easy enough to do but once sewing together it can make a quite impressive item.
Additionally to making this blanket I started a number of new projects using felt. I forgot how easy it is to cut and sew. I had so much fun and it is to space and sew. These two ginger bread people where made for my two nieces hidden in a small packet with chocolate coins also side two small elephants. 


  1. I have a thing for crochet at the moment its my new drug so to speak i am just learning but i adore putting all the colours together etc its so relaxing. Your blanket is gorgeous,loving the felt elephants to. dee x

    1. Thanks Delia - yeah I know what you mean about it being like a drug!!! I spent most of the christmas break with hook in hand and have just mastered doing an assortment of flowers and leaves. Working on a new blanket now and I should be posting it soon. Ange X